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 Usurpation(Kyo and Lemons)

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PostSubject: Usurpation(Kyo and Lemons)   Tue Apr 29, 2008 6:28 am

Leila watches as the caravan of the prince approaches. She knew the crown prince had been on some political meeting with the Hittites or someone. Unfortunately an evil wind had swept through Egypt while he was gone and a sorceress of Set had killed Pharaoh and many of his heirs. Now the crown prince was basically the only heir to the throne, and probably had no knowledge of his father's death. Leila lived in the desert much of the time, a warrior for her goddess Sekhmet. She felt it her duty to the Pharaoh to make sure his son was able to make it to Egypt safe and reclaim the throne. She was in the cliffs at the moment, waiting the caravan rounded the corner of the pass, keeping an eye out for any potential threats. Leila sat atop her camel, her long black hair braided so it would not fly in her face. She had strange, intense blue eyes which were an odd feature in an Egyptian and had a curvy body from all her excercize, her chest a C cup. She is wearing a brown linen scarf around her head to protect her face and eyes from too much sun exposure. She also wears a brown linen cape around her to protect the rest of her body from the scalding desert sun. Underneath that she wears a white linen bra and a white linen short skirt. On her she also has two scimitars, 6 throwing daggers, 2 longer daggers, a mace and a bow and arrows. Once the caravan was around the corner she would ride down and tell them the news, but something felt weird. She looked into the shadows of the other cliff face and she could just barely discern that there were people there, and looked to be the minions of the new sorceress queen. Hurriedly but trying to avoid detection she starts moving down the cliff she was on, not wanting the prince to get killed or hurt.
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PostSubject: Re: Usurpation(Kyo and Lemons)   Wed Apr 30, 2008 11:53 pm

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Usurpation(Kyo and Lemons)
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