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 To My Fellow Roleplayers

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The Fallen Angel

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PostSubject: To My Fellow Roleplayers   Tue Apr 29, 2008 11:41 pm

This is a formal good-bye, at least for the next little while. I知 sad to do this but things keep getting brought up in my life everyday and I知 finding it hard to come to this site and to role play and to actually talk to anyone. Too many things, I tell you. Right now I have to many things that I want to get done, such as my travelling. I知 going to be working a lot to try and make that happen. As well, I am planning to be going back to school but in the facility of Law. Meaning that I am going to end up moving out of my current town to somewhere unknown to me because my school doesn稚 offer it here. I知 going to be focusing on my writing, hopefully I値l be able to get one finished and sent in, and the other things that I want to get done in my life. I知 too young to be tied down just yet, or to fully commit myself to one, watching what I could be doing, slip away. No worries, I値l pop in every now and again just to see what痴 going on and to say hi of course. If anyone wishes to contact me, here is how:

AIM: xXYokoxTaoXx
Yahoo: Koryi_Vampric_Goddess

Feel free to add me to keep in touch. I hope all of you do well in your life and do what you truly want to do, because only you can decide your future. It was a pleasure meeting all of you and getting to know some, to where I can call them friends. Enjoy life because it痴 too short to just let it slip away.

The Fallen Angel

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To My Fellow Roleplayers
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