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 Sensei's everyday life~

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PostSubject: Sensei's everyday life~   Wed Apr 30, 2008 12:33 am

I'm bored out of my mind right now and I thought I should make this like I did on DRP. ^^I'd type some stuff about me but alas I'm a little busy and there's too much about me to type. *thinks* I suppose I can type a little.

Things I like:
Role playing
Playing the piano
Hmm, listening to J-rock

Things I don't like:
Being bored
Having writer's/artist's block
Colds or any type ailment that keeps me from being creative in anyway.
Too much rap music
Loud music that disrupts my peace
Ignorant people[as in stupid people]

That's enough for now I suppose.
Hm, I also really enjoy video games and really enjoy yaoi.
Okay I think I'm done for now about things I like and don't like.

I know right now I'm really bored--I need to role play really bad: I hope I'm not addicted to role playing. Wow forget I said that. Heh, but seriously I do. Writing is an addiction to me. Drugs is a no no because it'd impair my writing ability--then I'd really sit around and do nothing. Finding role playing partners is teh hardness....*sighyawns* I need some sleep....
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Sensei's everyday life~
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