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Ryu vs Tora
Demonic Raven RvT
Ryu vs Tora

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PostSubject: ALL EYES HERE   Wed Apr 30, 2008 2:46 am

It would appear Rage has lost it. Just because we decided not to lock all the forums to FORCE you guys back into DRP Rage is trying to get the people from this massive host site on our ass for breaking the ToS...

So with that being said you may choose to go to the new darker site or if you wish you can got to this site. The choice is completely yours however we do not know what or when this site might be deleted if it in fact will be at all so please have your mind made up just in case Vs magically disappears over night.


"Mother is the Name for God on the Lips and Hearts of Small Children" ~ Brandon Lee (Eric Draven); The Crow
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