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Ryu vs Tora
Demonic Raven RvT
Ryu vs Tora

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PostSubject: ATTENTION!!!!!   Wed Apr 30, 2008 1:15 pm


Now that your all here I'm going to Direct you to our hosted forum in which everyone may continue on with the ADULT content. VS is now a hosted community therefore I'm going to be moving every topic. (this does NOT include introductions, advise, or anything else like that)

The important things will be moved (Roleplays, roleplay requests, Slave threads etc)

I am asking everyone to please move there and only post in the introductions and talk amongst yourselves while I transfer EVERY important post by HAND. So Please bare with me until it is fully complete and i will post an announcement when it is finished until that time I'm going to lock these threads so no further posting can become whilst they are being moved.

Thank you for your time and Patience ~ Ryu


"Mother is the Name for God on the Lips and Hearts of Small Children" ~ Brandon Lee (Eric Draven); The Crow
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